$25 wet and messy discount to Slimewave.com

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I must admit I like a good gag, not like that so get that dirty picture out of your mind. I’m actually talking about some of the sweet action that I was just checking out on Slimewave.com. This is just one of the many sites within the Tainster porn network. I’m choosing to focus on it as I really dig the action that they’ve got to offer.

The deal on slime wave is the girls get in front of a gloryhole and of course they think they’ll be sucking on a juicy cock real soon, only thing is the cock is 100% fake and the jizz never stops coming. It is really funny to see the reactions on the girls faces once they realize what’s going on, priceless in fact!

They have just over 270 HD quality movies on offer at the moment and it’s also noted that you do get a $25 saving with this SlimeWave.com discount. Just to make this already wet and messy deal even better, get in nice and quick and the Tainster network is also going to unlock for full access for your cock!

Party Hardcore $9.95 74% Discount Membership

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I’m not sure who has the most fun at Party Hardcore, the girls or the guys. Watch any of the 443 hardcore videos on offer and you’ll soon see that this is one party that never wants to end. The scenes are some of the most intense and obviously direct that you’ll ever have the pleasure of viewing. I think it’s awesome that they let you stream them online or download, giving you that choice makes me smile from ear to ear.

I noticed that as soon as I used this $9.95 discount to Party Hardcore I was able to enter the entire Tainster network. That is a really good bonus and knowing that I get 15 awesome sites, not to mention well over 5,000 quality movies makes me and my cock very happy indeed.

I think its high time that you guys started being the life of the party. For too long now you’ve been missing out while all the other guys have been having the time of their lives. Rock the world, party hardcore and most important of all make your mark on this slut happy girls!

You Don’t Say!?

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Who knew right… apparently girls do porn.

Here we have some Asian broad fucked so hard that only the belt area of her jeans survived the massacre. Well, to be fair, her boots and Sponge Knob No Pants watch is doing just fine too.

From what I can see this site really is about older men taking advantage of barely legal girls under the guise of an elite porn production company. And as I say that I realise that I have just stated the premise under which almost all teen porn is produced.

On that note then we may as well have ourselves an 51% off discount to GirlsDoPorn.com at less than half price. I’m told they have more than 3,000 hours worth of crisp scenes where teens get their tight little twats filled.

I better go check if any of them take it up the naught.

Get Up To 54% Off On Amateur Allure!

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Amateur Allure might be a site that focuses on the blowjob niche, but honestly it’s so much more. Looking at these alluring vixens is reason enough to stand to attention, not to mention the wicked way they do the point of view films. The site is highly regarded and for good reason, while there might be similar sites around none of them come close to the real thing.

The girls all look great and honestly it would be hard to choose a favorite. Many of these girls have gone on to make a real name for themselves and that’s all part of the fun. The site design is really easy on the eyes (almost as much as the girls are), you can find your way around and I love how each HD quality video comes with a matching set of smoking hot images.

Don’t hide your inner ambition to see amateur girls sucking and fucking for the camera, that just wouldn’t be right at all. Let yourself and your cock go, your only seconds away from being able to save up to 54% with this Amateur Allure discount pass!