A Deal of a Lifetime

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There’s an opportunity to get a 21% off discount to True Amateur Models and I want to explain how that works for those that might not know because I really don’t think it’s that obvious and you might not want to lose out on this chance.

At he bottom of the page of the above link you’ll see the word “Lifetime” in a blue background under the heading discount categories but it doesn’t really say anywhere how that applies.

You can figure out from the text near the top that a 30-day pass is currently discounted by 21% which is a discount of $5. To get a lifetime discount all you need to do is renew that membership month-to-month and not only will the current discounted special membership rate apply but it will remain inflation free. meaning that the price will never increase.

So even 10 years from now you will still be paying this very same rate. To put that in perspective just imagine if you were able to buy other stuff at the price they cost 10 years or more ago.