Some Girls Just Love To Fuck

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I knew a couple girls in college that were always complaining about being broke. They all had jobs, but with class and any type of a social life there aren’t enough hours in the day. So somehow they found out about this add where you could do this porn and make some quick money. They were all on board. They started watching porn and trying everything they saw. They asked me several times to join them and I would politely critique their skills.

It absolutely blew my mind that these girls were going to go to some unknown location and do whatever sexual act is asked of them just for some quick cash. I knew right then and there that was my dream job. You should get this 50% off discount to Net Video Girls. It’s worth every penny. You get access to the entire network with your membership. That’s more material than you could get through in this lifetime. Plus your dick would fall off from beating it to death.